The national award for real estate innovations, Building Awards 2006, was a milestone event for the year on the construction market. Its goal was to help formulate the standards for the upcoming year to be used as a reference for all industry leaders, to select the best practices, and provide coverage of the most successful projects. Leaders were selected in three categories: Project of the Year, Company of the Year, and Professional of the Year. Out of 107 candidates from 22 Russian regions, the highly competent expert council, comprised of 56 recognized real estate market experts, selected the top 20 winners. One of them was SAPSAN Group of Companies, with its fast-developing Knyazhye Ozero cottage village. The project's scale (over 500 houses), developed infrastructure, well-adjusted operation system, and innovative housing concept brought unconditional victory to Knyazhye Ozero and SAPSAN Group of Companies.

At the official ceremony that took place on May 31, Knyazhye Ozero was declared the winner of the Project of the Year in the Countryside Property category.