Вижу цель, не вижу препятствий

Полный цикл девелопмента: проектируем, производим, строим, реализуем, управляем. 25 лет на рынке


Thermos Houses using Canadian technology. Completion of Opalikha and 2.5 ha settlements. The birth of cottage settlement culture

Thanks to cooperation with Canadian company Modulex, SAPSAN experts are the first in Russia to learn how to build warm and environmentally friendly "thermos houses" using the Thermo + method in record time.

Using this technique, SAPSAN employees built a modern cottage which served as the Company's pavilion at the RosStroyExpo cottages exhibition in as little as 14 days. This house is still standing in Moscow at the Frunzenskaya embankment, where the exhibition was held.

The cottage's construction served as a powerful advertizing source, as houses in the Opalikha settlement near VolokolamskoyeShosse (Highway) built using Canadian technology were sold out in a single day.

Construction of the "2.5 ha" settlement at Istrinskoye water reservoir was finished in the same year.
SAPSAN has already fully formed the revolutionary concept of a villa community as a unique development type with optimal infrastructure. For the first time in Russia, SAPSAN is offering not just suburban houses with a fenced territory, but a lifestyle combining proximity to nature with a high level of comfort.