Вижу цель, не вижу препятствий

Полный цикл девелопмента: проектируем, производим, строим, реализуем, управляем. 25 лет на рынке


The northern settlement of Krasneno was completed in permafrost conditions and a difficult transport infrastructure.

SAPSAN developed a unique project—the Krasneno settlement in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug—as part of the state program to revive the national villages of Chukotka. Fourteen houses were built and structurally adapted to the wind loads and temperatures of the region, and American and canadian polar sidings were used as well.

This project became a real challenge for the company logistically speaking, as all goods had to be delivered to the construction site in the complete absence of roads and permafrost.
To address this issue, goods were shipped in 11,000 km by the North Sea and then by helicopter.
The settlement building was covered by both Russian and international television.

In addition, this year three cottage settlements were completed in Tver Oblast, on the bank of the Seliger and Istrinskoye water reservoir.