Вижу цель, не вижу препятствий

Полный цикл девелопмента: проектируем, производим, строим, реализуем, управляем. 25 лет на рынке


Completion of the Zelyonoye Podvorye settlement. New facade design techniques

The construction of the Zelyonoye Podvorye settlement is complete, located in an environmentally pristine forest area near Pyatnitskoye Shosse (Highway).

The settlement consists of 25 cottages built according to various architectural projects and one administrative building. The houses are built using Canadian wooden framework technology, and the facades are made from artificial stones and texture coating combined with decorative finishing, instead of standard siding.

The proximity of Zelenograd mitigated the need to build serious infrastructure, and instead focus only on things like jungle gyms, sports grounds and football fields, which turn into skating rinks in the winter.
The settlement is equipped with centralized engineering communications and around-the-clock security. Plus, Moscow phone number can be directly connected as a bonus.

In the same year, SAPSAN won the international Century International Quality Era Award of the Commercial Business Initiatives organization (Geneva).